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Trust Service Provider

About BJCA
Leading Electronic Certification Service Provider

Leading Electronic Certification

Service Provider

Beijing Certificate Authority Co., Ltd. (aka. BJCA) was established in February 2001 as a state-owned Certificate Authority. BJCA is also one of the first professional electronic certification service providers granted the electronic certification service license by the government of China. BJCA is also the first company listed on Shenzhen stock exchange in the industry.

Rich Product Portfolio

Rich Product Portfolio

BJCA has developed dozens of products of multiple product lines including identity verification and authentication, identity and access management, electronic signature, digital delivery data security and so forth, which has established many integrated network trust solutions that combine products and services.

Position in Industry

Position in Industry

The business of BJCA covers more than a dozen of scenarios including e-Government, finance, health care, e-commerce, telecommunications, education and so forth. The company provides digital trust services for almost ten million of companies, and hundreds million of end-users. As the leading information security solution and electronic authentication provider, BJCA is always the best choice of Fortune 500 companies.

Build a trusted digital world

Cloud Signature Service

Cloud Signature Service

Cloud signature service provides trusted ID authentication, e-signature, e-chop and document signature, based on trusted certificate from authoritative CA system.

It’s applicable to digital signature scenarios such as enterprise level approval process, document signing, contract signing and so on, providing convenient and reliable electronic signature services for Internet applications and signers, and meeting the needs of online electronic signature scenarios.

add a digital ID


Certificate Service

Individual and enterprise certificate download, freeze/unfreeze, logout, change mobile phone number, change mobile devices and other certificate life cycle management services.

Individual Signature

Authentication login, data signature, web signature, document signature and personal seal management functions, managed certificate and offline certificate

Enterprise Signature

It provides enterprise users with authentication login, data signature, webpage signature, document signature and enterprise seal management functions based on enterprise cooperation certificate and managed certificate

Timestamp Service

Provide timestamp signature and verification services

Identity Authentication Service

Personal ID Auth. support personal ID card auth., bank card auth., mobile operator auth., etc.
Enterprise ID Auth. support enterprise business info verification and corporate bank account remittance verification etc.


Legal Credibility

This service uses the third party digital certificate to digitally sign the business data, which conforms to the legal requirements based on "The Electronic Signature Law of the People's Republic of China".

Mobile Convenience

Mobile phone and other mobile terminal devices could be used to complete the signature operation.

Cost Saving

No need to buy additional hardware equipment causes that reducing the cost of use and being easy to promote.

Improve Efficiency

Using electronic signature instead of traditional paper signature could save office resources and improve business flow efficiency.

Safe and Reliable

Based on the key management technology of threshold segmentation, the two sides cooperate to complete the electronic signature operation to realize the user's proprietary control over the signature key.

Digital Certification System

Digital Certification System

BJCA digital CA system is a digital certificate management system developed according to Carrier Grade CA system, leveraging years of practical operational experience. Based on PKI digital certificate authentication technologies, certificate password authentication system, and digital certificate format information security technology of public key infrastructure etc., its key features include digital certificate application, auditing, issuing, publishing, certificate of cancellation list, release issued by the generation of a digital certificate status query and download digital certificate life cycle management etc. The CA system supports centralized deployment mode, can issue a variety of types of format certificates, support the issuance of RSA and SM2 algorithm digital certificates, can support up to 3 million certificate capacity, can meet the needs of enterprises to build self-owned CA system.


User Certificate Service

Certificate application, download, update, revocation, freeze/unfreeze, online unlock, etc.

Statistics and Inquiring

Query, statistics, security audit etc.

System Management

Role-based authorization management, certificate template management, key management, certificate publishing, status CRL publishing etc.

Certificate Status Service

Certificate directory publishing, OCSP query


Support Dual Algorithms

Support the latest national security SM2, SM3, SM4 algorithm
Support RSA 1024/2048 bits keys

Multiple Certificate Services

Support issuance of RSA certificates and SM2 certificates
Support the issuance of personal certificates, institutional certificates and equipment certificates

Premium System Compatibility

The system supports multi-level CA and virtual CA Support password devices flexibly

Complete Online Certificate Service

The application system can provide online certificate application, issue, update, repeal, status query and other services

E-Contract Service

E-Contract Service

With 19+ years of experience in electronic certification and electronic signature industry, BJCA specializes in digital trust and information security services, masters the core technologies of electronic signature and electronic contract, and provides the most professional electronic contract signing services. Moreover, BJCA understands the needs and risks of customers with providing integrated electronic contract delivery and bringing tailored service to customers in E-Contract Service.


ID Authority

A variety of identification means to verify the identity of individuals or enterprises, it ensures that the contract signed the true identity, and not to be counterfeit and deny.

Digital Certificate

One of the biggest CA in China provides digital certificate service to verify the authenticity and reliability of electronic contract signing.


Provide contract template management, contract generation, contract filing, query statistics, message push and other electronic contract life cycle services.


USBkey/handwriting/mobile/SMS/fingerprint/QR code/batch signing are supported to meet the signing requirements of multiple scenarios on demand.

E-Evidence Chain

Providing the contract instant solidification and preservation of the certificate, constituting the credible evidence chain for the electronic contract.


Integrated Delivery

We understand customers' digital innovation needs and risks, and provide you with integrated e-contract delivery, bringing customers on demand, tailored services.

Core Technology Leader

Leveraging decades of electronic certification and electronic signature experience, BJCA has rich expertise in digital trust and information security, which enables us to provide the most professional electronic contract signing products and services.

With Legal Force

Fully in compliance with the "electronic signature law" of China. E-Contract signed with BJCA technologies can ensure legal force to cope with potential judicial disputes.

Trusted and Reliable Infrastructure

Highly trusted infrastructure and the most stringent security level of the system make a trusted electronic contract signing service, ensure SLA and the security of customers.

Leading Trusted Service Provider

Leveraging nearly 20 years of security and trust service accumulation, provides customers with high-quality, reliable services.

United Authorization Management System

United Authorization Management System

Unified authentication management system (UAMS) is a key product of BJCA. Leveraging PKI technology to provide users with functions of identity management, identity authentication, authorization management, application resource access control and security audit, and builds a digital identity management platform for application integration, centralized management and security protection of multiple information resources.


Identity Management

Supports unified management of user identity, data synchronization to the application system synchronization. Supports the extended configuration of identity information to meet various requirements in different application scenarios.

Credential Management

Manage the user's credentials, such as user name password, digital certificates and other multiple types of credentials.

Identity Authentication

Integrated various authentication methods of existing business systems or network equipment. Unified authentication methods of different businesses. With user name password, digital certificate and other authentication methods supported.

Policy Management

The unified permission policy of the system formulated based on the OASISXACML standard. Support authorization of multiple dimensions and a variety of conditional restrictions.

Authorization Management

Users can be authorized according to their roles, user groups, posts, organizations, etc., and support system-level fine-grained authorization. Different management specifications could be formulated according to the authorization strategies of different business systems.

Single Sign On (SSO)

Multiple system pass-through based on single login authentication.

Federated Identity Management and Access Control

Federated identity authentication, single sign-on and access control between different unified authentication management systems


Rich experience in application integration

Sound operation security mechanism and thorough security strategy management

Flexible authorization management mode and controllable authorization granularity

Cross-trust domain federal certification, support for international standards, multi-point roaming

Rich authentication mode and good scalability

Cross-platform deployment, integration structure is not subject to any conditions

Stable performance, support cluster and load balancing deployment